Started Retriever Training 
               $500 per month (4 - 6 month course)

Dogs that are 6 months or older are ready for our started program. At this age the dog is mature enough to understand structured training and corrections incorporated in our program.

  Program includes

- Basic obedience ( Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, &     Come )
- Force Fetch 
- Collar conditioning ( At owners request)
- Proper delivery at heel position
- Marking drills
- Intro to guns, calls, decoys, etc.
- Land and water marks
- Hunting cover
- Simple multiple marks and blind retrieves

Advanced Training - 
$500 a month (Avg 6 -8 months)
Our advanced program is designed for the hunter who wants more control over there retriever. This program is designed for dogs that have completed the started retriever course.
  Program includes
- Advanced multiple marks
- Hunting in heavy cover
- Advanced marks and diversions
- 3 handed directional casting
- Lining drills
- Whistle sits
- Pile work
- T and double T drills
- Pattern and cold blinds
- Advanced water work
Pre-season tune up - $500 Per Month
This program is for the owner who can't spend 
enough time during the off season to keep there dog
at the top of its game. Let us make sure your partner
is ready come opening morning. 
Basic obedience - $500 Per Month
This program is not for retrievers only. We teach your
dog the basic commands of sit, stay, down and come
when called. This program will help to make your 
dog a pleasure for anyone to be around.
Handler classes - $ 25 per hour
These are one on one classes with you and your dog
to work on any problems you may be having , or to 
simply be come a better handler. We can help you
and your dog become the waterfowling team you've 
always wanted to be.

Puppy Class - $500 (1 month class)
   This is a one month course for puppies between 3 and     4 months of age. It is an introductory course geared 
   toward basic obedience as well as introducing pups 
   at a young age to guns, calls, decoys, water, birds,
   boats and the many other obstacles they will face in 
   the field.
The first months training fee is due the day your dog is dropped off for training. Training fee's are due on a monthly basis.
Training fee's cover training and boarding.
Heartworm preventatives are to be provided by the client
Proof of vaccination for Bordetella and Rabies are required