( RIOT )

Our Dogs
Riot is the type of dog every trainer dreams of. She is a hard charging
retriever with an excellent nose, a desire to please, and a no quit attitude that makes her a blast to train. Her manners in the blind make her a joy to hunt over and her overall attitude make her a pleasure to be around no matter what the situation.

Put A Spell On You
( Jinx )
​Jinx is a very special dog to us. She is the dog that will not back down, no matter what she is asked to do. In the marsh or at the line in a hunt test, her effort and willingness to work shines through. We are looking forward to seeing all that she will accomplish in her life.

Down On The Corner
( Trick )
Trick is the definition of DRIVE!!! Looks, Style and Determination, she possesses it all with an amazing off switch that makes her enjoyable to be around when not working. The future is bright for this little girl